Better Half is a fictional wine brand launching on to the market with an alternative target audience to conventional traditional brands. They’re target market is young males aged 18-28. The brands ideals and values lean towards a more casual approach to wine drinking, with the intention of introducing a less intimidating approach to wine with regards to product description.

The idea behind the brand identity I created was to link visuals within the branding back to the idea of food; introducing food pairing as a concept to new drinkers rather than saturating the audience with information about the source and status of the product.

From start to finish the presentation of the product and the construction of the identity has been configured with the intention of presenting a juxtaposition of visual styles; combining tradition with modern design to represent the way in which the brand and the product identify the requirement within the industry for an increased awareness with regards to the diversification of consumers needs.




A line of quirky illustrations on bottles of beer, wine and spirits has been a growing trend over the last few years. From the hilarious to down right strange, it’s been a refreshing thing to witness. South American illustrator Mundial’s quirky illustrations do still remain true to his style but with a clever use of colour and white space he has elevated them to a more luxurious standard. 7